Ode to Commuting: Loreena McKennitt Drives On

(Based on the tune “Night Ride Across the Caucuses” from Loreena McKennitt’s album The Mask and Mirror.)

Down through the centuries, the Celts as a race have appeared rather preoccupied with motion, having migrated over time all the way from Asia Minor to Britain, Ireland, France, and Spain–followed of course by further emigrations to the Americas and beyond.  And that’s just within the scope of recorded history.

It is, then, perhaps not surprising that Loreena McKennitt’s later albums have tended to involve nomadic cultures.  Nor should it be surprising for material from these albums to provide fodder for a parody about our own perambulatory habits.

Drive on…
Through the fright, drive on….
(repeat–simple enough, right?)

There are cell phones; there is road rage.
There are drivers with rubber necks.
There are wild intersections
That have hosted a thousand wrecks.


In the bustle of the rush hour
Crowded highways promote lunacy.
They are stopping in the on-ramp.
They’re inviting a catastrophe.


Tailgating cars start a battle of wills
As they flash their lights wildly at me.
Driving o’er the land somewhat faster than I’d planned–
Is this fun?  I must disagree.


Please don’t take me on the highway
Where the twelve lanes merge down to five.
Those who pass that junction often
Wonder how on earth they survived.

Find a public transit schedule;
Find no routes that are close to me.
In the absence of more options
I’ll drive on till I lose sanity….

(Chorus–ad nauseum)
Copyright 2005


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