Enya’s Cautionary Tale About Dating

(based on “Flora’s Secret” from Enya’s album A Day Without Rain)

Some parodies start out as decent songs that innocently wander into a crossfire of ideas–the lyrics just happen to contain words that provoke certain associations, and it all goes downhill from there.  And then there are some songs that, for various reasons, are so annoying that like a schoolyard bully they just cry out for someone to put them in their place.

Like this one.

So…take a rather irritating later-Enya piece that’s a bit too heavy on Danielle Steele anyway, divide by four, multiply out by Rod Serling, and you might get this quaint little ditty. I won’t spoil it by resolving any of the ambiguities it raises, except to say that this does not arise from my own personal experience.

Walking through the long grass
Somewhere distant,
They have shaken off
Anyone who followed.
Up above, the sunlight
Is refracted
Into shades of deepest blue.

Though his friends don’t like her
For some reason,
He still finds her pretty
And interesting.
So he follows, though he
Keeps an eye out,
Lest they find a snake or two.

She had said they ought to
Have a picnic
Somewhere far away
From all interference.
Though he likes a hike he
Can’t help thinking,
Surely any spot would do.

As he wonders why she
So insisted
On their coming to
This remote location….
Something’s calling out for
His attention–
…On the ground a single shoe.
And a guy whose face is blue….

He is more surprised by
Her reaction,
And the evidence
Of her own involvement.
He has stumbled onto
Flora’s secret,
Wishes he had listened.
Now he understands their
Far location.
If he gets to town
He’ll forswear all picnics,
Stick to restaurants, and
Public places,
With a chaperone, too.
He could even go for
Any fear of snakes
Now is secondary,
As he’s running headlong
Through the tall grass,
From the guy whose face is blue,
And the love he thought was true,
Things he wished he never knew,
As his face is turning blue.

Copyright 2009, 2010


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