When the bug in your computer turns out to be a Beatle

You can follow the attached link to hear an actual recording of this song:

This isn’t quite the voice of personal experience–not in its totality, at any rate.  I admit to spending a fair amount of time waiting for technical support…and of course I really should do more about backing up my data at home more often.  Oh, well.  Maybe tomorrow….

Yesterday (A Parody)

My computer seemed to work okay;
Now my icons have all gone away.
So what’s occurred since yesterday?

I can’t click the mouse or hit a key.
Something ate my root directory.
Now Mr. Gates is taunting me.

How to troubleshoot?
Will rebooting save the day?
Now I’ll have to court tech support–
The kind you pay.

“In a few
Minutes someone real will speak to you.
Here’s some music you can listen to;
You’re eighty-seventh in the queue.”

Did my Facebook “apps” cause this lapse?
Oh, who can say?
Soon men in white coats
Will be taking me away.

I could boot without a long delay.
With a back-up I might be okay;
I should have made one Yesterday….

Copyright 2009, 2010


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