Seethe (The Volcanologist’s Anthem)

This one dates to late May 2010, a few weeks after the eruption of the volcano in Iceland with the unpronounceable name.  The song from which this parody derives (“Breathe” by Faith Hill) is not one of my favorites, nor had it crossed my path when the inspiration struck, so I don’t really know how it came about.  But, here it is.  If you have volcanologist friends whose lives it might brighten, feel free to pass it on.  As always, if you know of someone who might like it enough to record it or do something with it professionally, please let me know.

“Seethe” (or, “The Volcanologist’s Anthem”)
I can smell the sulfur floating in the air–
Something big must be on the way.
I see the needle dance across the graph, as the
Tremors make the hillside sway.

Though the day is sunny with a gentle breeze,
All the fun and games have yet to start.
The locals all tremble at your great unease; we fear
You may blow yourself apart.

When I can feel you seethe,
I wonder will there be
Plumes of ash that hide the sky from view?
I’ll be in quite a stew
If the lava gets too close to me.
Trees and underbrush
Get toasted in the rush
Of the pyroclastic flow–I guess I ought to flee:
When I can feel you seethe,
I’ll leave.

Now I see activity is picking up
As bits of rock come tumbling down.
I’ve seen these readings several times before,
And I know, and you know
That I shouldn’t hang around….

Since I can feel you seethe,

I can see the tephra floating in the air;
Something big must be on the way….

Copyright 2010


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