Carol for (Fiscal) New Year’s Eve

(based on the song “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” by Frank Loesser)

The original for this parody is admittedly a bit obscure these days (though I did run across a version on a Harry Connick, Jr, CD)–but then to a lot of people, so is the idea of a fiscal year, so perhaps it’s a good match.

Rumor has it that songwriter Frank Loesser used to have a brother that got into all sorts of trouble–he was just a bad sort that ended up having contact with the police on a regular basis.  Once a bank was robbed, and only Frank or his brother could have done it.  Without hesitation, the police officer handling the case picked up the brother and took him down to the station.  When asked what had led to this particular conclusion, the officer responded, “It was easy.  I just picked the evil of the two Loessers.”…

Maybe it’s still too early in the game,
Ah, but I thought I’d ask you all the same:
What are we getting Fiscal New Year’s Eve?
What new finances come into our sight
When current funding stops at twelve that night
As we observe the Fiscal New Year’s Eve?

Maybe it’s crazy to suppose
Our program would be one you chose
Out of the million obligations you perceive.
Ah, but in case we have some little chance
It would be nice to find out in advance:
What are we getting Fiscal New Year’s Eve?

Copyright 2005, 2010


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