The Sound of Cell-Phones

Obviously, this parody goes with the tune of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence.”

Hello, silence, my old friend;
I come to visit you again,
Because the things that I’ve been hearing
Confirm the trends that I’ve been fearing:
That places are becoming a rarity,
Where one can be
Far from the sound of cell-phones.

I met a man who walked alone
With an earpiece telephone.
I asked if he was talking to me;
He never answered, just looked through me
As if I were a million miles from there–
He didn’t care,
Just listened to the sound of cell-phones….

I heard as I walked to the store
A dozen conversations more.
They talked, but not with those around them;
It seemed civility confounded them.
And the pleasantries that one sometimes used to find
Were undermined,
Lost to the sound of cell-phones.

“Fools,” said I, “you do not know
How phone addiction tends to grow.
Put down your phones so you can hear me–”
But all the people standing near me,
They said, “Do you mind, could we have some quiet, please?
Your quackeries
Disturb the sound of cell-phones.”

And as I wondered what was next
Someone who tried to walk and text
Slipped on a step, and he went sprawling;
The others went on with their calling.
While he may have been ROTF, he wasn’t LOL,
That I could tell,
And–what’s that?  That sound…my cell-phone…!

Copyright 2011


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