The Other Elvis Christmas Song

Mention “Elvis” and “Christmas” in the same sentence, and the first thing most people will think of is the hit song “Blue Christmas” (followed, perhaps, by the Porky Pig version of the same). What most people don’t realize is that Elvis had a second Christmas song that never quite made it to the big time.  Evidently these lyrics got lost in the mail, and so when time came to record, new lyrics had to be hastily assembled, and the world got one more ballad instead….

Elvis’ Christmas Carol

“It’s now or never for shipping freight
Across the country or out of state.
Tomorrow will be too late;
It’s now or never–Christmas won’t wait.”

Deep in December,
As the light was failing,
I went to do my
Pre-Christmas mailing.
The line was stretching
Out from the building.
Though I saw red,
The attendant said to me….

“It’s now or never; please stand in line
And tape your parcels; we don’t like twine.
Your postage we’ll calculate.
It’s now or never: Christmas won’t wait.”

All sorts of strangers
Gather in this station,
United by postal
The crowds surround me,
And the costs astound me;
To my chagrin,
Here I am again this year.

“It’s now or never–we close at six.
What’s this you’re sending, fruitcake or bricks?
Next year think about ‘Flat Rate;’
But it’s now or never–Christmas won’t wait.”

copyright 2010, 2011, 2012.


One Response to “The Other Elvis Christmas Song”

  1. dhparker Says:

    heehee 🙂

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