Looking for news on the lighter side?  Here are links to the news flashes, listed in reverse order of appearance:

News Flash:  Greece Proposes Gyro as New Currency–…and gives economists food for thought.

News Flash:  Exotic Snake Bites Man at Australian-Themed Restaurant– How far out back is too far?

News Flash:  This Joust In: Novel Twist On Debate Route Adds Interest to House Race–It’s nice to find some politicians who still have a bit of horse sense.   

News Flash:  Weather Bureau’s Scheme for Storm Names Generates Whirlwind of Controversy–It’s an ill wind that blows no one good.

News Flash:  UFOs to Blame for Theft at Caterpillar Site?– The truth may be out there, but it may be way, way out there.

News Flash:  Staffordshire Hoard Claimed by Ancient Insurance Firm–Ecgberht the Bombastic puts in a prior claim on buried treasure. 

News Flash:  Congress Debates Mandatory Legal Insurance– …Because it’s only a matter of time.

News Flash:  Archaeological Find Sheds New Light On Beaker Culture– Were they the victims of the very first Honeydew list?

News Flash:  Crowd Mobs “Classical” Ice Cream Truck — Apparently it does matter what you listen to.

News Flash:  Snake Eradicator Gets Wrapped Up in Work —  Just when you think you’re having a bad day at the office….

News Flash:  Augean Farms Closed Over Experimental Dairy Product– Health department decides “cheese” just won’t cut it.

News Flash:  EU Carbon Cap-and-Trade System Considers New Fitness Regimen — Someone’s obviously been overexercising their imagination.

News Flash:  Dynastic Change Drives Architectural Boom — Some people just have to have the latest thing.

News Flash:  Kettle Arrested in Identity Theft Probe — Some days it just doesn’t pay to get all steamed up.

News Flash:  2 Injured in Sleigh Wreck, NTSB Investigates — How fun can it be to ride in one-horse open sleighs when 66% of the literature on the subject ends in disaster?

News Flash:  Man Sues NTSB Over Ron Paul Support — NTSB call on cell phones drives one man crazy.

News Flash:  Tintin Fired for Breach of Contract — Famous journalist receives disappointing news .

News Flash:  Bandwagon Society Declares National Care-About-Everything Day — “Truly compassionate” people find it impossible to care too much.

News Flash:  Economic Protests Rock Ruritanian Capital — Mob seeks repeal of laws of economics.

News Flash:  State Party Schedules 2016 Primaries…for2013 — The early bird sometimes has to do a lot of waiting.

News Flash:  Historical Society Irate Over Monument Rebuild — In ancient Wiltshire, a planning board deals with monumental questions about historic preservation.

News Flash:  Mob Seeks Vengeance For Weather Prank — Everybody complains because bureaucrats have no sense of humor, but look what happens when they try.

News Flash:  Literary Detectives on Lookout for Marple Impersonator — A mysterious interloper rushes in where Miss Marple has never been obliged to tread.

News Flash:  License Agreement Dooms Supermarket Chain — Does the End User License Agreement justify the means?

News Flash:  Tourist from Oz Perishes in Flume Ride — Water, water everywhere, but no one stops to think….

News Flash:  Road Builders Find Creative Financing Goes Better With Milk — It’s not just your computer that wants to install cookies.

News Flash:  Antique Lamp Leaves Messy Legacy — Being an oil magnate sounds attractive…until it is.

News Flash:  Batcave Embroiled in Zoning Dispute — But where exactly is it?

News Flash:  Ebenezer Scrooge Cited for Disorderly Conduct — …but will likely mount a spirited defense.

News Flash:  Philosophical Trend Irks Scientists — Ambivalence is a two-edged sword…if anyone cares.

News Flash:  Hercules Cited for Environmental Infractions — …in which local water quality is badly destabilized.

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