The Hobbit: “Strange adventure!”

(Scene: The Dwarves, lost in Mirkwood, have been captured and imprisoned by the Elven-King. While Bilbo tries to work out a solution, the Dwarves refuse to provide any details about their expedition.)

Elvin-King and his train:
Strange adventure! Thirteen dwarves found
Wand’ring in the forest dark,
Would not tell us why or where bound,
Both’ring elves out on a lark.
Thirteen dwarves in prison lying,
All our questioning defying;
Till they choose to be less trying,
Let them in our dungeons park.

Thorin, Balin, Kili, and Fili:
Strange adventure! Stuck in transit,
Pris’ners of the Elven-King’s.
While this does not wreck our plans it
Makes an awful mess of things.
As we sit here all day stewing,
Our performance so far rueing,
We ask what our burglar’s doing–
To his secrecy he clings.

Copyright 2013.
For what the song is supposed to sound like, you might try this link


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