The Hobbit: Here’s a How-de-do

(Scene: the dwarves and Bilbo have been caught by three trolls, who are planning to eat them, if only they can make up their minds how to cook them….)

Thorin: Here’s a how-de-do: it looks like we’re through.
Of our freedom we’re bereft, and soon there may be nothing left
But Dwarf and Hobbit Stew.
Here’s a how-de-do; here’s a how-de-do.

Balin: Here’s a pretty mess: in an hour or less
They may take us for their forage, or they might squash us to porridge.
Each may cause distress!
Here’s a pretty mess, here’s a pretty mess.

Bilbo: Here’s a state of things: If our wanderings
Must conclude in such a fashion, for adventure I’ve no passion:
Misery it brings.
Here’s a state of things; here’s a state of things.

Trio: Since the laws of common sense I guess we did ignore,
We think this situation tense will end in gore.
It seems we’re coming to a premature adieu;
Here’s a pretty state of things, here’s a pretty how-de-do!
Here’s a pretty state of things, a pretty state of things!
Here’s a how-de-do, here’s a how-de-do, here’s a how-de-do!
Yes, it seems we’re coming to
A very premature adieu;
Here’s a pretty, pretty state of things–

Gandalf (appearing suddenly and speaking to the Trolls): Dawn take you all, and be stone to you!

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Copyright 2013
For information on what this song sounds like in its normal context, try this link….


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