What is a Punnery?

The name comes from Richard Lederer’s famous book Get Thee To a Punnery, which explains and promotes the kind of humor that comes from words and wordplay.  That name is a somewhat longer story.  If you’re interested, I suggest you buy the book and find out.  (By the way, I am not Richard Lederer; nor do I play him on TV.)  Anyway, you can expect puns and wordplay to be a significant part of the Punnery experience.

Most of this page falls into two categories.  The first category is the News Flash Collection, a series of news items mostly from La Satira News Service.  These stories range from the historical to the hysterical, from things that seem vaguely familiar to the outright absurd.  (By the way, “La Satira” is Italian for “satire,” or so my online translator informs me.)  The second main category is the Parody Collection, a set of parodies for songs and poems that, at this point, may or may not be so well known.  So far the runaway favorite in this category is the Office Suite set of poems for the modern workplace.  (A third category, which tended toward the political, has been mostly discontinued, except as it sometimes creeps into the News Flashes.)  Occasionally, something different will sneak in, such as the Lord of the Rings Real Estate Quiz or a monograph on the medieval Welsh version of Arthurian legend.

So sit back, or forward, if it suits your reading posture better, take a deep breath, and feel free to browse.

The Punnery is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth part of Texas.


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