La Satira News Service: The Year That Wasn’t

Yes, it’s April 1st (or thereabouts), which means it’s time for our now-traditional retrospective list of faux news items.  In the past, of course, we’ve done Top Ten lists for the total number of views as well as my personal favorites.  Since the list of all-time hits hasn’t changed that much in the couple of years since, maybe we’ll do something different.  I’ve thought of doing a top ten posts based on literature, or a top ten post based on history (a project which, perhaps ironically, will have to wait until I actually have ten history-based posts to report on).  I even thought of doing a list of “underperforming” posts.

But to keep things simple, let’s just look back at the past year and glean the best-ofs, as measured (as usual) by the number of hits.  Does this have the perverse effect of highlighting the posts that people have already read and dooming other, potentially good material to obscurity?  Perhaps.  Maybe next year I’ll do the “underperforming” list.  But meanwhile, here are the past year’s most popular news stories….

10.  News Flash: Senator Quits McCarthyism Committee Over McCarthyism Allegations

9.  News Flash: Salisbury Wood Convention Center Cancelled Over Budget Concerns

8.  News Flash: Skara Brae Village to Maintain Historic Preservation District

7.  News Flash: Cookie Sale Wreaks Havoc on Workplace

6.  News Flash: Smaug Ouster Weighs on Middle-Earth Economy

5.  News Flash: Apples to Blame in Medical Shortage

4.  News Flash: King’s Skeleton Found in Parking Lot–Again!  (Not a bad showing, considering this one is less than a week old.)

3.  News Flash: Tired of Waiting for Seating? Restaurant Tries Table-Metering

2.  News Flash: Amid Civilization’s Fall, Medieval Society Gets Last Laugh

1.  News Flash: Zombie Outbreak Tied to Low-Carb Diet Fad

Now it’s time for the interactive part.  Which one of these is your favorite?  Or is there another one you really like?  Comment below!  Meanwhile, happy reading, and here’s to another interesting year.


One Response to “La Satira News Service: The Year That Wasn’t”

  1. dhparker Says:

    I don’t think I could choose just one favorite. 🙂

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