And Now a Word From Our Sponsors: Brazos View Dude Ranch

Perfecting Valleyspeak Since 1976

Visiting or moving to a new location can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know the language.  So if your travel plans involve the San Fernando Valley of California, your friends at the Brazos View Dude Ranch invite you to participate in our Valleyspeak Language Immersion Program.

This program allows you to come to grips with the subtleties of language in this important part of the Los Angeles Metroplex.

While at the Dude Ranch, you will learn to perfect such vocal features as the high rising terminal. You’ll also learn how to pepper your language with phrases like “totally,” “like,” and (especially) “Dude!”.

By the end of our patented one-week immersion course, which is fully accredited through the University of Punxsutawney’s College of Language and Bureaucratic Nomenclature, you will be able to speak like a native.  In addition, our experts will teach you the mannerisms and clothing fashions you need to blend perfectly into your new surroundings.*

So why not come on out to the Brazos View Dude Ranch for a totally radical experience?

Brazos View Dude Ranch–Totally proud sponsors of the dudes at La Satira News Service since, like, 2016.

Copyright 2014

*Warning:  Surfing instruction not included.


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