News Flashes: Another (hopefully) premature retrospective…

You may recall last year on April 1st, we released a list of our Top Ten News Stories from La Satira News Service.

Well, not much has changed in the intervening year, in terms of the most popular posts.  The “Time Traveller Holiday Impacts” appeared on the list for the first time, as did the “Exotic Snake Bite at the Australian restaurant”–which was perhaps buoyed by people searching for Australian restaurants.  But that’s all right:  they provided hits, and we’ll take them.

But since the list hasn’t changed all that much, I’d like to do something a little different and provide a list of some of my personal favorites.  For the sake of variety, I’ll omit my favorites that are already on the other Top Ten list….

10.  New Comet Portends Minor Inconvenience

9.  Crowd Mobs “Classical” Ice Cream Truck

8.  Pet Rescue Group Rallies for Abandoned Pythons

7.  Tintin Fired for Breach of Contract

6.  Excelsior Death Leads to Interagency Blame Game

5.  Miscalculation Boots Contestant from “The Actuary”

4.  Future Wiltshire Council Approves Salisbury Wood Convention Center (a.k.a. Stonehenge II)

3.  Staffordshire Hoard Claimed by Ancient Insurance Firm

2.  Statistical Flubs by Journalists Drop 120%

1.  “Lady of Shallott” Inquest Ends Inconclusively

Agree with the list?  Did I miss your favorites?  Please comment!

Happy reading!

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