News Flash(es): A Premature Retrospective

One of the things that sometimes happens when artists go a long time without releasing a new album and there’s no new material to throw into the breach is that somebody gets it into their heads to release a “Best of…” album. I don’t know who makes this decision, or for that matter who decides which bits qualify as the artist’s “best,” or even what criteria they use.

On the whole, I’m not a great fan of “Best of…” albums. From the consumer’s perspective, while it may be nice to have all the “best” in one place, it’s somewhat irksome to spend money for tracks that one may already possess. To some extent this problem is relieved by services like iTunes, if you don’t mind going without liner notes (which I enjoy reading) and enduring the constant trickle of messages asking you to download, install, and agree to the End User License Agreement for the latest version (which seem to arrive about twice as often as I use the service).

From the artist’s perspective, “Best of…” albums, unless somebody bothers to indicate a time period, come with the tacit and uncomfortable admission that all one’s future endeavors are going to be, by definition, no better than second-best, and that career-wise it’s all downhill from there–in which case there’s no particular reason for customers to buy further albums.

But since it’s been a while since I’ve posted much in the way of new material, and since I do have a few readers who may not have run across some of the older stuff–and since you won’t have to pay for this one–now seems as good a time as any to post a “Best (so far) of…” list for my La Satira News Service news flashes. And since today is April 1st, the timing seems especially conducive. The listing is based entirely on the statistics provided by WordPress and is not indicative of tastes, preferences, or actual quality.  In fact there are a couple on the list that I found rather surprising.  But the facts are the facts.  Maybe next time I’ll post a “personal favorites” set.

So here we go. Read, enjoy, and feel free to share. 🙂

10.  News Flash:  License Agreement Dooms Supermarket Chain

9.  News Flash:  Kettle Arrested in Identity Theft Probe

8.  News Flash:  Exotic Snake Bites Man at Australian Themed Restaurant

7.  News Flash:  Weather Bureau’s Scheme for Storm Names Generates Whirlwind of Controversy

6.  News Flash:  Mob Seeks Vengeance for Weather Prank 

5.  News Flash:  Antique Lamp Leaves Messy Legacy 

4.  News Flash:  State Party Schedules 2016 Primaries–For 2013 

3.  News Flash:  Spelling-Deficient Zombies Reportedly Hunting Brians 

2.  News Flash:  Code Violations, Unpermitted Burn Tied to Valhalla Tragedy 

1.  News Flash:  2 Injured in Sleigh Wreck; NTSB Investigates 

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