Newton vs Leibniz (the apex of nerd-dom)

Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz had a long-standing rivalry over which of them had actually discovered calculus.  This led to a great deal of personal acrimony.  Eventually it threatened to boil over into outright violence, when Leibniz decided he wasn’t going to take it anymore.  So he got out his dueling pistols, crossed the channel, and started looking for Newton.

Newton, meanwhile, had word that Leibniz was coming, so he laid his plans.

When Leibniz arrived, he shouted, “At last, Newton, I’ve found you!”

Upon which, Newton calmly drew a square in the middle of his room, a meter on each side, and sat down in the middle of it.  “On the contrary,” he said, “You’ve found Pascal.”

(Because, of course, 1 Pascal = 1 Newton per meter squared.)


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3 Responses to “Newton vs Leibniz (the apex of nerd-dom)”

  1. thepunnery Says:

    Here’s a link to a variation on the same joke (and probably one that preceded my version by some interval), and others besides:

    What can I say? Most calculus humor tends to be somewhat derivative….

  2. Wil Maddeaux Says:

    Couldn’t you integrate your humour, and then you’d have unity?

  3. Wil Maddeaux Says:

    Oh, yes; a beautiful pun, but the pascal didn’t come into use till at least 70 years after Newton’s death.

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