Caution: This evening’s sound and fury signifying nothing may have been prerecorded….

By now, most people have probably heard the news that the music provided by the famous quartet at the inauguration was in fact dubbed.  The pianist of the group, though, has stirred the controversy afresh by refusing to apologize for the event.

The pianist, Gabriela Montero, cited technical difficulties with the piano due to the cold weather.   The solution, it seems, was to let the quartet play–but quietly, while the recording was played over the PA system.  The explanation was as follows:

We decided that it would have been a disaster if we went out there with that cold, with the wind, and played our instruments out of tune.  Can you imagine what kind of tone it would have set? … It would absolutely have been a pathetic way to lead a president into his oath and the moment that this country was waiting for so eagerly.

So…instead of owning up to the difficulty of the situation and asking the public’s patience and understanding (an easy thing to ask, as everyone was there for the inauguration, and not the quartet), the decision was made to pretend everything was normal, and let the public believe something that was not true.

What kind of tone does that set?

And do we need to issue an apology to the Chinese Olympic Committee?


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