International outrage? Ooh, let’s throw a sanction at them….

A recent article from MSNBC indicates President-Elect Obama intends to ease some of the sanctions on Cuba (  These sanctions have been in place since 1962, and were designed to weaken and topple the island nation’s Communist leadership.

As profoundly galling as it is to surrender to the Castro brothers, there might be some validation for it.  After all, Russia is not the threat it was in 1962.  Well–not yet, anyway, and if Russia is again going to be a threat, if there’s a chance of precluding Cuba from becoming once more the willing stooge, it’s worth investigating.

Of course some would argue that opening up to Cuba could destabilize the Castros’ hold on power…just like opening up to China has made it more democratic, I suppose.

At any rate, one hates to relinquish the constant reminder to the UN and the rest of the anti-war international community of exactly how much can be accomplished with their favorite “weapon.”


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