Old computer, new computer….

My five-year-old computer (running Windows XP) continues to get slower and slower.  I keep wondering whether I should replace it with something newer and faster.  The thing is, if I did get a new computer, I’m inclined to doubt whether it would be any faster. 

You see, besides my five-year-old desktop, I’ve also got an eleven-year-old laptop running WIndows 98.  You wouldn’t believe how quickly it boots up and shuts down.  Of course I use it almost exclusively for writing, but the point is, it comes and goes quickly.

With my current computer, by the time I’ve turned the thing on, waited for WIndows XP to boot, waited for everything to stabilize, and waited for Internet Exploder to connect me…I can’t remember what I was wanting to look up.

Which brings me to why I’m writing this post….


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